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Tutorials to amplify skills and raise confidence for all NY State exams for all grades.

Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT)

Since the 2017 reformatting of the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) the exam has undergone small changes each year since. I make every effort to stay current with those changes.

  • The English Language Arts (ELA) section includes questions that address revising/editing skills.

  • in addition it will have reading passages  - informational and literary - followed by 6–10 questions testing the ability to understand, analyze, and interpret texts from a variety of genres. All ELA questions will be multiple choice.

  • The math section includes five “grid-in” questions, in which students must solve a computational question and provide the correct numerical answer, rather than selecting from various multiple choice options; the math section will also continue to have multiple choice word problems and computational questions.

  • All multiple choice questions will have 4 answer choices.

  • Each section (ELA and Math) will include 57 items: 47 in each section will be scored, with each question worth 1 raw score point, and the remaining 10 items in each section will be field test items that are not used in determining a student’s score.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The scoring process (creation of a "scaled score") is not published.  

For more information on the SHSAT, we encourage you to visit the DOE website.



SAT  Prep Package

This course ($850) consists of 12 sessions : 

  • 10 tutorial sessions - 1 hour each - individual instruction.

  • includes all materials

  • 2 on-site practice exams when possible.

Of course, ongoing SAT prep is available beyond the suggested minimum of 10 hours!

***** "ANY TIME YOU WANT TO START" SESSIONS are billed at $85 per hour with a one-time registration fee of $20 for new students.

(ongoing students may attend 2 practice exams. Any added exams are available for a minimal charge of $10 per administration)
It's never too early or too late to get started!




  • available as tutorials in most subject areas.

**(Prep for the SHSAT is an advanced program that covers material also   included on other high school      entrance exams, such as TACHS, ISEE, and other assessments for private/independent high schools.     


*Please inquire about sessions to prep  for the essay writing portions high school entrance applications or  assessments, which would be addressed in separate sessions.




Basic Prep Package: $700 

(prep usually commences no later 

than the first week of the school year.) 


  • includes registration fee

  • 8 one-hour tutorials

  • 2 timed, monitored practice exams (on site when possible)

  • all materials. provided

  • periodic phone/email consultations to monitor progress and provide feedback to parents.



(avail for all entrance exams)

 "ANY TIME YOU WANT TO START" SESSIONS are billed at $85 per hour with a one-time registration fee of $20. 


It's never too early or too late to get started! 


Study skills/ongoing tutoring

How to take an organized approach to academics -

lessen the stress and see better results


The Writing Lab

All levels

  • skill development in editing:  grammar, punctuation and other seemingly unwieldy issues... 

  • Help with essays for classes...creative writing, prep for the DBQ/essay writing components of the Global and American History Regents Exams, and APs.

  • College application essays


  • REVIEW FOR REGENTS EXAMS available in most subject areas.


Prep for the MATH/VERBAL

portions of the GRE.