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(rates differ click here for Fees )


On-going Homework Help

is available to stabilize and strengthen your child's school performance and academic habits. Tutorials to amplify skills and raise confidence for all subjects and levels of exams. Study strategies are woven into the tutorials. 

  • Can include math, science and help with writing for classes at any level (school assignment based - DBQ/essay writing components of the Global and American History Regents Exams, and APs. )

  • Application essays for high school and college are included in this category.

  • This does not include teaching writing, for that type of program please see the Writing Lab section below.



Entrance exam prep for Mark Twain Intermediate School for the Gifted and Talented (IS 239) is available at the per hour  "ANY-TIME-YOU-WANT-TO-START" rate.


Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT)

**Prep for the SHSAT is an advanced program that covers material also included on other high school entrance exams, such as TACHS, ISEE, and other assessments for Catholic and private/independent high schools.     

*Please inquire about sessions for help/guidance with essay writing for high school applications. 

 (click link: prices differ)   


 Book as many sessions as you feel your child needs. This option is great for those starting early (7th grade.) Most materials included. 

BASIC PREP PACKAGE to "Amplify & Clarify"

This streamlined course touches on all topics included in the math and ELA sections of the exam. 

Some families want their child to "have as many options" as possible when applying to schools, but don't have time/budget for longer, more costly prep. these prep sessions are perfect you!

Also great for any student that has already done or is currently in a prep course but wants to amplify and clarify that material. Some very advanced students can do well with this package. 

This option includes 8 tutorials and 2 practice exams (onsite when possible.) 

This basic series is great for bright students who've been studying on their own, or who've already taken a prep class and want to warm-up and dig-in to be fully ready for the exam.


It's never too early or too late to get started! 

(prep usually commences no later than the first week of the school year.) 





Prep for the new digital SAT is taking shape and currently includes work in digital and paper formats usuing various College Board created materials. 

  • it is completely individualized instruction.

"ANY TIME YOU WANT TO START" SESSIONS are available for all test prep on a per hour basis.

No obligation. (subject to availability)

(prep for the ACT is also available)




GRE Prep available

Brush up on MATH/VERBAL skills.


The Writing Lab

All levels

  • Skill development in editing,  grammar, punctuation and other seemingly unwieldy issues included in a curriculum developed by PSTS that covers 8 types of writing. Of course, it is "tweaked" specifically for YOUR child.  


          Review for REGENTS EXAMS

  • Most subject areas

  • Quick review to fill in gaps 

(priced as test prep unless your child is doing ongoing tutoring in which case the fee doesn't change.) ​

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