Sessions are on Zoom with limited availability of  in-person tutorials.
( this could change as we go forward due to CoViD concerns)
Take a deep breath!  

We all seek balance which, for families in NYC, can include dealing with:  

schedules, sports, homework, chorus, drama, chess club, martial mention a well as, YOUR work and activities!  


SO...that is why our services can be so welcome and helpful.

And, dare I say, a breath of fresh air??  

We give families the chance to call on experienced tutors (at very reasonable rates) for extra help (and sometimes relief!) from the stresses of balancing all aspects of family life.  Consequently, this enables the children to maintain their highest levels of accomplishment in school all thru the busy busy busy of modern life in Brooklyn (or whatever boro you live in!)

These days a few hours of tutoring in the younger and middle grades can make way for years of TUITION FREE education in the city's best public schools.  

For high schoolers we prep for SAT/ACT, APs Regents, (alphabet soup? almost!and help with the usual graded school work to make sure students are able to be at their personal best.


The love that a young student may have for math, foreign languages or writing can be so easily lost when the school environment won't, or can't, accommodate your child's hopes, dreams, learning styles and/or curiosity.  Keeping bright students engaged and loving school, along with assisting students who run into an "academic wall" is our method of developing confidence and a love for learning that will last a lifetime

The tutors at PSTS are chosen because they have skill in their academic areas,  a unique ability to communicate with children and teens and a joy in this work.

It isn't difficult to find test prep in Park Slope - there are "big box" or "one size fits all" programs that charge hefty fees and use scripted programs...but our tutorials and test prep are completely geared toward your child. 


Judith Ferrenbach


A note for parents of NYC 4th, 5th and 7th graders:

*Changes have come to the admission process for DISTRICT 15 (BKLYN) MIDDLE SCHOOLS.  A different approach to provide quality education and increase diversity. It is essentially a lottery system.
*Mark Twain (IS 239) will continue to have a screened program. 

In this time of rising private school and college tuition, families are seeking a great public school education for their children.
I encourage you to consider starting ahead of time to keep your child at the forefront of the action.
So many of the city's outstanding public schools depend on the grades and state test scores during the 4th and 7th grades. Extra tutoring can be  key to staying relaxed in a sometimes fraught, and always competitive, circumstance.
A financial investment made now, can save you thousands of dollars later:  you may find academic choices not available to your child and private school, with its sometimes steep tuition, could be the only recourse.  
My long time observation has been that children improve test scores and academic performance when their confidence levels increase.  They learn more than testing strategies when working with me because I believe that the best approach to test prep is maintaining the very best reading/writing and math skill levels possible.  The children are encouraged to develop a process of paying attention:  
What is the task?  
How do I respond?  
Did my response address the task?

If you start early, how can you go wrong???

Park Slope Tutorial Services is located in the Park Slope Section of Brooklyn 

and is convenient to all public transportation.


Tutorials are available

Monday - Thursday after school

and Saturday and or Sunday starting at 10am.  (weekend availability varies...practice exams are given either Saturday or Sunday mornings.)


Questions? ...want to sign up??

Pursue Personal Excellence Through Preparation & Practice